Thankful for Bubbles

These are some difficult times. We are disconnected and discontent. Maybe not all of us, and maybe not all of the time, but there is a collective sense of, “Ugh..” permeating throughout our society. No one is immune. Corona is affecting even our youngest, and most bright-eyed, joyful members.

eLearning is a wonderful gift. I am thankful that it is an option for us, and for so many who have needed it during this era of isolation and awfulness. But, eLearning also sucks. At least for us. For those of us that are kinesthetic learners, and others who are social butterlies. eLearning leaves a bit to be desired. As hard as teachers are working, and they are working hard AF– day and night, I know I get the alerts on my phone– there is a still a void left to be filled.

I refuse to say “the new normal,” because this is all going to pass, right? But normal for right now has brought tantrums where there was calm, and tears where there were smiles. I have worried, stressed, second guessed, and wrung my hands.

But, today, I am thank ful for bubbles.

As a lover of yoga and meditation, it can be disheartening when your own child rebels by refusing to engage in anything yogic or mindful. I can get other kids engaged; why not him?! Ugh!

Recently, I bought a set of books: I am Yoga, I am Peace, I am Human, and I am Love, by Susan Verde. These books are super-adorable, and helped me craft some yoga lessons for kids that were a hit. At one point, I am Peace mentions imagining your worries popping like bubbles. We recreated this visualization in class with real bubbles, and the kids even came up with some original and powerful ways to use the bubbles. (Sidenote: I just discovered that there a free lessons on Verde’s website while writing this post. Nice!)

Recently, in the midst of a medium-sized meltdown, I had the wherewithal to grab the bubbles and start blowing. I asked my yoga rebel what he was mad about, and then told him to imagine that that was the bubbles, and to pop them all. I was in luck, he actually did it….enthusiastically! After about 10 minutes of popping bubbles, and screaming, “I hate you, ‘rona!” and “I hate you, Zoom!” The storm had passed. The smiles returned, and calm was restored. He even took the wand and blew his own bubbles. Slowly and with intention. Score!

This trick has even worked like three more times!

Bubbles are such a reliable standby that have never let me down. They are pretty, peacful, fun, and cathartic. If you have a kid that is struggling, give this trick a try. It might help…even if only for a few minutes of distraction. Heck, try it on yourself. This post is about a 6 year old, but they’ve chilled me out a time or two.

Corona has given us a chance to find the silver linings. A new opportunity –sometimes multiple– each day.

And, today, I am thankful for bubbles.

*Actual picture of miracle bubbles

4 thoughts on “Thankful for Bubbles

  1. What an inspiring and relatable read! Thank you for reminding me that I’m not the only one on the struggle bus. These ARE hard times! But it is important to remain hopeful and promise ourselves to never ever take the experiences and the freedom that we feel we have temporarily lost for granted.

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